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26 Jan Tips and advises on 4×4 Off Road Driving Adventures

1. Always drive slowly.

Do not drive fast when you are driving off road. Why? Because it could happen that you don’t notice a log or a rock in the grass. Besides that, you want to see and to enjoy in the nature around you.

2. Concentrate on the road.

You need to have more serious attitude when you are driving through the complex road. Do not hold your cell phone and talk while you are looking for the radio station in your car. This leads to disaster. Your careless driving will end up soon if you behave like this behind the steering wheel. So, try to focus on the road, and watch out for the holes and rocks.

3. Check out the indications on your 4×4 SUV’s measurement devices.

From time to time check your measurement devices of your car. You don’t want to end up in the middle of the wood without fuel. Or the worse case can be that you overheat the engine because of not paying attention to it. Remember, pay attention to the measurements of your car.

4. Use low RPM.

hqdefaultUse low gear in order to drive with the optional speed while you are driving off the road area. Only if you have any obstacle to overcome, the engine RPM need to be low. A good driver always knows when he needs to push and when he needs to let go the accelerator pedal.

5. Do not hold your thumbs on the inside of the steering wheel.

If you are driving off the road you shouldn’t hold your thumbs on the inside of the steering wheel. This is very important if your car doesn’t have a steering booster. If by any chance the front wheels of your car stop working when it comes for an obstacle, it can be risky to turn your thumbs in a new direction for fear that you can’t hold the steering wheel.

6. Get out of the vehicle before the obstacle

If you have a problem with an obstacle in front of you, get out of your car and make the decision after a walk. You can see and examine your obstacle in order to figure out how to cross it. Usually, swampy places have well beaten roughly routes.

7. Don’t change your gear in the middle of obstacle

It is very important in this off road driving to know what gear you should use to defeat the particular obstacle. If you shift gears in the middle of the deep puddle you should lose even more of your already low speed. After shifting, the wheels would certainly start to slide. So, make sure that you are not changing the gear in the middle of your obstacle.

8. Crossing the river

In order to cross the river you should pay attention to the place of entry and exit. Be sure to use the all-wheel drive when you are crossing the ford. Drive slowly in the water. Don’t shift the gears when you cross the ford. Use only the gas pedal. When you finish your crossing adventure, check the oil in the axles and in the boxes because there could be water.


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