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09 Nov The Best Way To Make Your Cancun Vacation Special

Cancun Yacht Rentals and Activities

Yacht charter - Cancun yacht rentals MexicoOne of the guaranteed ways of making your vacation in Cancun special is by renting a private yacht. Renting a luxury yacht is something a lot of people will only do once. It’s certainly something special and for that, Cancun is the perfect place. Cancun is a popular summer destination visited by thousands of tourists every year, there are many sights and places to see one of them being the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres. This is an iconic island – 20 minutes away from Cancun by ferry – favored not only for its flawless white beaches but also for its picturesque views and rich history of the Mayan civilization.

What To Do On Your Yacht

The pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean are spectacular for snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and swimming. The seas and islands surrounding Cancun are a heaven for any sport fishing enthusiast. Fishing is great throughout the year, but the peak season is from mid-December to the end of July. Between April and August, Marlin and Sailfish are in plentiful. If you don’t want to leave your yacht and simply relax, you can do so whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the Mexican coastline whilst journeying down to Playa Del Carmen or Tulum.

Yacht Charters in Cancun

Special Occasions For Renting a Yacht

Yachts can be rented for any occasion but for something special such as a honeymoon, being able to experience a private yacht together is a great way of making your honeymoon extra special. With wide open seas all around, you and your partner can have quality and private time together. I cannot think of many other better ways of starting your life together.

Sights and Places To See

The Manchones Reef, Banderas Reef and Cuevones charter fishing Cancun Mexicooff the Isla Mujeres, are calm and clear for scuba diving. Every year on 17th of August divers celebrate the founding of the island (Isla Mujeres) with a mass dive. It’s quite an unforgettable experience. You can also book for a snorkeling tour of the El Farito. This is a shallow area of around 7 feet where you’ll see hundreds of tropical fish and coral. Be on the lookout for a statuette of Virgin Mary on the ocean floor. She was placed here by local fishermen after being found on a shipwreck. Did you know that the Isla Mujeres is home to the largest underwater museum on earth? The MUSA (Museo Subacuatico de Arte) was founded by Jason deCaires Taylor and hosts sculptures designed to counteract effects of climate change on reef systems and oceans. This is a must-see spot. To cap off a wonderful vacation, swim with whale sharks and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Which Yacht Suits You?

The type of yacht you chose for your luxury charter shapes the yachting experience you get. Thus, it’s important to understand what each has to offer. There are four main types of yachts – the motor yacht, the sailing yacht, the catamaran and the gulet – which can further be categorized in their own sub-groups. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed performance, an exploration adventure or just a relaxing day trip, it’s recommended you gather more information on Cancun yacht rentals before you book. We always recommend contacting your local travel agent or any of the popular rental companies in Cancun so they can provide you with a full guide on the range of yachts and boats on offer.

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16 Mar Whitewater Rafting Trips And Overview

Why Whitewater Rafting Is Exciting?

Whitewater rafting is becoming more and more popular, but many first timers Whitewater Raftingare too afraid to take part, even though they would like to. Many of the fears are of course understandable, but largely unnecessary. In this article we will look at the safety tips one can follow to have an exciting, but safe experience and a general overview of what you can expect.

Once of the main things people worry about is being thrown into the water. This actually happens very often and yet very few people are hurt or injured. It is true that you might experience minor bruising if you go over some rocks, but this is most often the extent of injury that is likely to happen.

If you go with a guide like Advantage Grand Canyon, instructions will usually be given before starting the rafting adventure. Part of those instructions include what to do if you find yourself out of the raft and in whitewater. You will be wearing a floating device which will help keep you from going under.

The main thing to remember is that you are not stronger than Mother Nature. You cannot out muscle the water, so do not try to do so. With your face to the sky you should keep your head, chest, feet and legs pointing up. They should be somewhat out of the water if possible. Your butt will be pointing down in the water. You will ride out the whitewater in this V like position.

Most beginners, as well as the average whitewater rafting will use commercial whitewater guides and outfits which are very experienced going down the river and through the rapids you will be taking. They know how to take the raft down, and if they see a problem occurring they can instruct you on what to do.

It is not uncommon to find that the raft is going through some white water sideways or even backwards. This might seem wrong and frightening to a first timer, but it is perfectly normal. In fact, it adds to the fun and excitement of the rafting trip. So, if you find yourself in this situation, fear not. Just enjoy the excitement of it.

Once you begin going through one of the rapids, the guide which is at the back of the raft acting as the rudder, will call out instructions for each of the passengers. For example, he may call “left side two strokes”. This means that all those on the left side should paddle twice. Then he might say, “right side, one stroke”. This of course means all those on the right side should paddle one stroke.

Doing this will guide you safely, but excitingly through the whitewater. If you are selected to be one of the people in the front, it is considered a special privilege. The rear and front of the raft have the most influence on how the raft moves through the water. Being selected to sit in front means you are helping the guide to maneuver the raft. When the guide calls instructions he might say, “front right, one stroke”. This means that only the person at the front of the raft on the right side should paddle one stroke.

In conclusion, whitewater rafting is great fun and very exciting. By going with a commercially guided tour all possible precautions will be taken. Instructions will be given before the trip begins, and medical attention will be close at hand if an emergency were to occur. Have fun.

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28 Feb The Popularity Of Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

 Grand Canyon Rafting Trips Are Amazing!

Grand Canyon rafting trips 2

There are over five million people that visit the Grand Canyon each year. The Grand Canyon is approximately 227 miles long and over a mile deep at times. Nothing of this magnitude exists anywhere else in the world for that matter. This is why President Theodore Roosevelt set out to protect it for future generations. Tourists can enjoy the Grand Canyon in many ways. There are numerous hikes, observation points, and even an ultra-marathon was designed to assist tourists enjoy the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon rafting trips are the best when compared to all other means of enjoying the Canyon.

Grand Canyon rafting trips will provide you the opportunity to witness the canyon through different angles. When you are at the bottom of the Canyon, you are able to look up and witness the Canyon walls on both sides. Rafting helps you witness more of the Canyon than someone observing it from the top. There is no better way to witness the marvel of Grand Canyon other than rating through the very river that helped form the Grand Canyon. This is why rafting trips are so popular in the region. A great place to shop trips is Advantage Grand Canyon.

The Colorado river is famous for whitewater rafting. It is the Colorado river that runs through the Grand Canyon, making to ideal for rating purposes. The river can be turbulent at times making it ideal for people who are seeking some adventure in life. Bouncing through the rapids at blistering pace can really make your stomach turn. Anyone seeking the thrill of their lives should never miss a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.

The most refreshing way to enjoy the Grand Canyon is to take a one day Grand Canyon rafting tour. The tour begins at the Grand Canyon National Park airport, which is located in Tusayan, Arizona. This small town is located just a few minutes from the National Park’s main gate. There are two types of rafting trips to choose from. The most affordable tour consists of a motor coach ride to Page in Arizona. Page is where the rafting trip actually begins. You will know that you have arrived at the site when the coach passes through the two-mile tunnel just before the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam is more than 70-stories high, and the boats are docked at its base.

Your trip to Page is full of sightseeing opportunities. You will be passing the Zuni Corridor, Colorado Confluence (this is where Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers meet), Navajo Indian Reservation, Painted Desert and the Desert Watchtower on the way to Page. You need to be prepared for the adventure on the river. The altitude at the South Rim is approximately 6,000 feet. The bottom of the Canyon is more than 4,000 feet lower. So temperatures there can be up to 25 degrees hotter. You need to plan your trip accordingly with lip balm, wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen of 50 SPF or better. This will help protect you and your loved ones during Grand Canyon rafting trips. You are better prepared to enjoy the trip this way.

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26 Jan Tips and advises on 4×4 Off Road Driving Adventures

1. Always drive slowly.

Do not drive fast when you are driving off road. Why? Because it could happen that you don’t notice a log or a rock in the grass. Besides that, you want to see and to enjoy in the nature around you.

2. Concentrate on the road.

You need to have more serious attitude when you are driving through the complex road. Do not hold your cell phone and talk while you are looking for the radio station in your car. This leads to disaster. Your careless driving will end up soon if you behave like this behind the steering wheel. So, try to focus on the road, and watch out for the holes and rocks.

3. Check out the indications on your 4×4 SUV’s measurement devices.

From time to time check your measurement devices of your car. You don’t want to end up in the middle of the wood without fuel. Or the worse case can be that you overheat the engine because of not paying attention to it. Remember, pay attention to the measurements of your car.

4. Use low RPM.

hqdefaultUse low gear in order to drive with the optional speed while you are driving off the road area. Only if you have any obstacle to overcome, the engine RPM need to be low. A good driver always knows when he needs to push and when he needs to let go the accelerator pedal.

5. Do not hold your thumbs on the inside of the steering wheel.

If you are driving off the road you shouldn’t hold your thumbs on the inside of the steering wheel. This is very important if your car doesn’t have a steering booster. If by any chance the front wheels of your car stop working when it comes for an obstacle, it can be risky to turn your thumbs in a new direction for fear that you can’t hold the steering wheel.

6. Get out of the vehicle before the obstacle

If you have a problem with an obstacle in front of you, get out of your car and make the decision after a walk. You can see and examine your obstacle in order to figure out how to cross it. Usually, swampy places have well beaten roughly routes.

7. Don’t change your gear in the middle of obstacle

It is very important in this off road driving to know what gear you should use to defeat the particular obstacle. If you shift gears in the middle of the deep puddle you should lose even more of your already low speed. After shifting, the wheels would certainly start to slide. So, make sure that you are not changing the gear in the middle of your obstacle.

8. Crossing the river

In order to cross the river you should pay attention to the place of entry and exit. Be sure to use the all-wheel drive when you are crossing the ford. Drive slowly in the water. Don’t shift the gears when you cross the ford. Use only the gas pedal. When you finish your crossing adventure, check the oil in the axles and in the boxes because there could be water.


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