The Popularity Of Grand Canyon Rafting Trips
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The Popularity Of Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

28 Feb The Popularity Of Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

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 Grand Canyon Rafting Trips Are Amazing!

Grand Canyon rafting trips 2

There are over five million people that visit the Grand Canyon each year. The Grand Canyon is approximately 227 miles long and over a mile deep at times. Nothing of this magnitude exists anywhere else in the world for that matter. This is why President Theodore Roosevelt set out to protect it for future generations. Tourists can enjoy the Grand Canyon in many ways. There are numerous hikes, observation points, and even an ultra-marathon was designed to assist tourists enjoy the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon rafting trips are the best when compared to all other means of enjoying the Canyon.

Grand Canyon rafting trips will provide you the opportunity to witness the canyon through different angles. When you are at the bottom of the Canyon, you are able to look up and witness the Canyon walls on both sides. Rafting helps you witness more of the Canyon than someone observing it from the top. There is no better way to witness the marvel of Grand Canyon other than rating through the very river that helped form the Grand Canyon. This is why rafting trips are so popular in the region. A great place to shop trips is Advantage Grand Canyon.

The Colorado river is famous for whitewater rafting. It is the Colorado river that runs through the Grand Canyon, making to ideal for rating purposes. The river can be turbulent at times making it ideal for people who are seeking some adventure in life. Bouncing through the rapids at blistering pace can really make your stomach turn. Anyone seeking the thrill of their lives should never miss a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.

The most refreshing way to enjoy the Grand Canyon is to take a one day Grand Canyon rafting tour. The tour begins at the Grand Canyon National Park airport, which is located in Tusayan, Arizona. This small town is located just a few minutes from the National Park’s main gate. There are two types of rafting trips to choose from. The most affordable tour consists of a motor coach ride to Page in Arizona. Page is where the rafting trip actually begins. You will know that you have arrived at the site when the coach passes through the two-mile tunnel just before the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam is more than 70-stories high, and the boats are docked at its base.

Your trip to Page is full of sightseeing opportunities. You will be passing the Zuni Corridor, Colorado Confluence (this is where Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers meet), Navajo Indian Reservation, Painted Desert and the Desert Watchtower on the way to Page. You need to be prepared for the adventure on the river. The altitude at the South Rim is approximately 6,000 feet. The bottom of the Canyon is more than 4,000 feet lower. So temperatures there can be up to 25 degrees hotter. You need to plan your trip accordingly with lip balm, wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen of 50 SPF or better. This will help protect you and your loved ones during Grand Canyon rafting trips. You are better prepared to enjoy the trip this way.

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